A worrying observation !...What can we do ?...Act for don't undergo !...Adhere to build the world of tomorrow...A measure easy for making progress the initiatives...Help at the conducting of economic activities in solidarity...The technology licensing...The trainings at the concept industrial and logistics...The consultations on line...The publications...Contact...


" Pour bâtir des entreprises et des industries, il faut des hommes et des femmes entreprenants "

Reminder the overall objectives of the association

The association operates in the construction sector, industry and environment. In a context related to the organization of work applied to scheduling systems and independent productions. Generally, in search of lower production costs, particularly in the context of development in all its forms and in all aspects of the patented industrial design and its various logistics applications to the agricultural, artisan , manufacturing and services. In this sense, the association brings together the expertise and partners necessary for the promulgation of the concept and implementation of applications, both in the core areas in related fields that may be connected with economic development, recovery and restructuring heritage, cultural facilities, educational, social, commercial, for a part of human life and generating productivity. The association is therefore for many players and many parts, a connecting structure, reflection, advice and action by providing concrete solutions and exclusive services which new opportunities for growth, local level to international level.

In particular way and non exhaustive, the objectives are :

promote for develop entrepreneurs

- Promote the development and establishment of centers of agricultural production and other manufacturing autonomous Dxun generation lxéchelle villages, cities, regions and countries;

furnish for build businesses and industries

- Provide technical and economic operators from different sectors with the tools to develop organizational systems and logistics to renew production patterns and management manufacturers to become competitive on internal and external markets, and this in line with the 'changing markets and consumer expectations.

contribute to develop businesses for food safety

- Contribute to improving the living conditions of populations, either for countries or structuring manufacturing countries or conversion of industrial restructuring, allowing either small-scale structures or small and medium enterprises, including individual, to make its contribution to the achievement and build sustainable enterprises, focusing on the improvement, taking into account the capacity to produce, process, store, consume and sell Moreover, using a process adapted to their growth and autonomy in a universal perspective;

provide a comprehensive economic strategy for evolve and succeed

- To provide its members with information, training and proper tools so they can acquire the conceptual approach in order to economically implement the operational approach to establish partnerships or strategic performance productions, proximity or for export, functional and competitive, create wealth and jobs for the competitiveness and productivity of their businesses and the general interest of local authorities.

" Le succès en affaires va à celui qui met une idée en application " William Benton

The association accepts legal entities and individuals persons



A worrying observation !...What can we do ?...Act for don't undergo !...Adhere to build the world of tomorrow...Support by a measure easy for making progress the initiatives...Help at the conducting of economic activities in solidarity...By grant of technology licensing or exploitation...By the trainings at the concept industrial and logistics...By the consultations on line...By the publications...Contact...



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